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Karl Rove Announces the 9/11 Commemorative License Plate

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Official 9/11 Commemorative License Plate

karl_rove.jpg (2848 bytes)  Washington (IWR Satire) -- At a GOP Fund-raiser that took in $33 million at a dinner featuring George Bush, Karl Rove announced GOP plans to sell patriotic license plates commemorating the 9/11 tragedy.  

Mr. Rove stated "This wonderful collectable features the Seal of the President and a picture of the heroic George Bush on his way to hide in a bunker somewhere in Nebraska on 9/11. 

The Official 9/11 Commemorative License Plate will be offered to the general public for 4 easy payments of $19.99!  Similar Elvis plates have been offered for over twice that price!  But you must act fast before this offer expires!

These individually numbered plasticine plates have been assembled and then hand painted by Texas death row inmates contracted by the Baker Institute for exclusive distribution by the GOP. 

After all the plates have been manufactured, the mold will be destroyed and no more will be manufactured. Although we cannot promise that these plates will increase in value, we can still make you think that they will.

In fact, if you act now, we will include with the first 1000 orders and autographed copy of Peggy Noonan's new book "Our Man Dubya: In his mind, he knows he's right".   Yes, read Peggy's book and you'll learn that George W. Bush is a heck of a lot smarter than he looks.   

But wait!  That's not all!  If you call our toll free Hotline right now, we will also include at no extra cost the Hillary Rodham  voodoo doll!!!    Now you can stick pins and torment the former evil First Lady with impunity.  Personally, I'd like to set Hillary a blaze with lighter fluid or just put the New York Senator's doll in the microwave and let her toast.  Ha. Ha.

But remember  most importantly, my fellow Americans, these funds will be used to continue the War on Terrorism by defeating those evil-doer Democrats in Congress."

Internet Weekly Report First Issued on 12/15/2001,
Copyright Internet Weekly Report 2001-2003.

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