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Jiang Zemin's Book Hits Number One
On NY Times Best-Seller List

Chinese President Zemin

New York City (IWR Satire) - Chinese President Zemin's book "The Joy of U.S. Hypocrisy" has vaulted into first place on the NY Times Book-Seller List.  "What can I say?  China has benefited very much from U.S. hypocrisy.  I mean, other then a little lip service, the U.S. government has largely ignored our religious persecutions, Tibet atrocities and the Tiananmen Square massacre.  I mean we are not even part of the "Axis of Evil".  Isn't hypocrisy great?  I am so happy that you capitalist suckers are buying my humble book and all of our fine products at Wal-Mart," said President Zemin.

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