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Best of IWR - Senator Fritz Hollings

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Senator Introduces Bill to Create Monument Honoring Himself

The "Fritz" Obelisk


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Fritz Hollings

Washington -- The official lapdog of the entertainment industry, Senator Fritz Hollings from South Carolina, today, introduced legislation to authorize building a new obelisk style monument in Washington D.C. to honor himself.  "I can think of no other Senator in the last century that has contributed more or worked harder for  pork barrel politics in these here United States of America than yours truly,"  said Hollings. "I know this seems a little egotistical, but I want assure my fellow Americans that I only have myself in mind.   This monument will be similar in style to the Washington Monument, but with more of a Hollywood style and influence.  The monument itself was designed by my good lobbyist friend, Jack Velenti."  


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