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Daschle Celebrates Venn Diagram Day 

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www.internetweekly.org.  Tom Daschle carries on the South Dakota tradition of lecturing grade school students on "Venn Diagram" day.   In picture above, Senator Daschle shows how Congress normally works with a Venn diagram.   "The pink balloon is all the junk those pesky Republicans want for the Brahmins that control this country. You know like the caste system in India. The yellow balloon is for all of our Democratic special interest groups and the spoiled middle class.  Now the beige area where the balloons intersect is the part which we politicians can always all agree on --  the pork barrel."

Zippy Jenkins a student at Carthage Elementary School asked the Senator, "I mean are like you Washington dudes for real man?" Fielding the question, Senator Daschle said "Any more questions?".  (02/11/2002)

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