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Karl Rove Hopes XML Tags Will Reduce "Bushisms"

Bush Gives First XML Based Speech

Washington (IWR Satire) - In an effort to reduce the president's misstatements, e.g., ""working hard putting food on your family", "malfeance" or "fool me once", President Bush will now use XML tags to increase the clarity of his speeches. 

"We believe this will improve the accuracy of the president's speeches," said Karl Rove to White House reporters.

The president unveiled his new standards based speaking style in a speech last night at Bob Jones University:

<?xml version="1.0">
<Joke>Why did Trent Lott cross the road?  Because he was a chicken!</Joke>
<Laugh>Ha ha.</Laugh>
<Platitude>Why do the terrorists hate us?  Because of our freedom.</Platitude>
<Say-Good-Night-George>Good night George!</Say-Good-Night-George>

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