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Condoleezza Rice to Marry Saddam Hussein
London (IWR Satire) -- President Bush's National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice, today announced that she accepted a wedding proposal from Saddam Hussein.   Miss Rice [mspain47] and Mr. Hussein [bootlicker212] met in the Leather Queen, an AOL chat room.  The happy couple would like interested parties to know that they have a gift registry at Nordstrom.

Bush Caught Taking Mulligan

George W. Bush was caught red handed taking a mulligan at the 15th hole at the Cape Arundel Golf Club in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Bush to Catch Up on His Reading During His Vacation

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Washington -- (IWR Satire) Whitehouse press secretary, Ari Fleischer held a brief news conference today. "Good Afternoon.  The President has decided  that the best thing he can do to help the financial crisis is to keep a low profile and catch up on his reading.   Therefore, the President will be taking a month long vacation in Crawford, TX," said Fleischer.

Ashcroft Issues
Evil Bird Alert

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Washington -- Attorney General John Ashcroft issued an orange security alert yesterday when he noticed a suspicious gang of Satanic seagulls flying in under the radar near the Capitol Building.

Cardinal Comes
Out of the Closet

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New York -- Cardinal Edward Egan comes out of the transvestite closet sporting a fashionable bright red Hawaiian luau dress.

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