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Bill Gates and the Windows Fridge 2003

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Microsoft Unveils New Wireless Refrigerator Line at Comdex

Bill Gates and the wireless
"Windows Fridge 2003"

Las Vegas (IWR Satire) - Bill Gates announced a new wireless product line at Comdex today.

"The Windows Fridge 2003 will revolutionize the hotel industry.  Not only does this puppy keep beer and wine chilled, it also, for a small fee, dispenses Windows Beer Nuts XP, Steve's Wiffle Ball Corn treats for Windows and Laughing Bill's Cheese Wedges Encarta. It then automatically transfers the charges to customer's hotel bill. 

To avoid the "Blue Freeze of Death", you only need to reboot the wireless Windows Fridge twice a day," said a beaming Bill Gates.

Internet Weekly Report First Issued on 12/15/2001,
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