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(03/04/2003) Helsinki, Finland - Check out these cats.  

(02/22/2003) Helsinki, Finland - Holy Smokes!  Have you see this Russian fat cat?

(01/10/2003) Helsinki, Finland - Happy New Year!  I know it's been a while now, but like I've been busy sleeping if you know what I mean.  Anyway, I thought you feline lovers out there might like to take the Spot the Gif-erence. A photo quiz for Web Designers.  Also, on a sad note my Japanese friend Oolong the rabbit passed away this week.

(10/31/2002) Helsinki, Finland - Happy Halloween to all you cats and kittens out there!  Man, here are some ugly felines. How about some cats in kimonos or pelorian cats dressed up?

(10/28/2002) Helsinki, Finland - This story just goes to prove that cat, yes cats, are really man's best friend.  You just can't trust dogs because they are just too intellectually challenged!  And remember, guns don't kill people, dogs do!

(10/24/2002) Helsinki, Finland - Sorry I haven't updated my blog lately.  I have been catching on my Zs, but you know Halloween is next week and I figured I do a little surfing when I found this absurd link to Halloween costumes High fashion for dogs. I feel sorry for these poor pooches.  There are lot's of different Halloween costumes and even shoes.  Also, this pooch is like from outer space I'm glad that most cat owners are smart enough to not try this kind of silliness on us felines.  

(08/03/2002) Helsinki, Finland - It looks like Eeva, the woman who waits on me hand and foot, has got a new page up.  Check it out if you want to see what my neighborhood looks like.

(07/22/2002) Helsinki, Finland - I tell you it's been a long time coming, but finally they are going to have a TV show just for us cats.   Also, my friend Carla the singing parrot has a new CD out on Pet Radio.

(07/08/2002) Helsinki, Finland - This week for all my fans out there, here is my special free Internet edition of my autographed picture for your enjoyment.  I hope everyone can read my handwriting. 

(06/24/2002) Helsinki, Finland - Boy did I get bombed on Midsummer Eve.  I must have drank a gallon of lager before I just collapsed on the kitchen table.   I had a major headache when Hannu woke me when he was singing Smokestack Lightnin'.  He's probably the only person in Finland that sings Howlin' Wolf songs when he's cooking breakfast.  Oh before I forget, have you seen that Cat Boxing site?

(06/10/2002) Helsinki, Finland - I can understand how some cats like Cocoa freak out every now and then.   I mean it can get pretty boring when there is no one around all day to wait on me hand and foot.   Of course, I just usual sleep all day anyway.   I do like the idea of having my own personal jester to keep me amused during the week days.  Hmm... I wonder if Hannu could afford to hire a jester?

(04/01/2002) Helsinki, Finland - As long as I live, I'll never understand humans.   Take this Flo Control contraption for example.  I mean why can't they just let us cats be cats?  Hannu if you install one of those gizmos in Helsinki, I'll hide your keys where you will never find them again!

(03/25/2002) Helsinki, Finland - Sorry I haven't updated my page lately, but I had a little run in with the law last week.  I should have known better that to out drinking with the girls.  I don't know how many slammers I had, but the next thing you know I end up in the hoosegow (See mug shots below).   Man I tell you those cells are smaller than a budget hotel room in Tokyo.   I'm glad Hannu had  enough loot to bail me out.   I don't know what time Eeva got home.  Anyway, the next time I go out drinking I'm sticking with the cool cats like me!

(03/03/2002)  Helsinki, Finland - I have just added some more pictures this week to my scrapbook of me and some of my friends from Helsinki.  I also found a few links that cats like yourself might also enjoy.   Here is my favorite one on big fat mouse.    Here is one big sucker Tubcat.  It makes me feel skinny just looking at those porkers!   Also, drop in and visit my pal Frank, who is in the hospital.    Poor dude got run over by some dork.  Those Limey's can't drive for beans.    Finally, I hope that these electronic Neopets don't catch on.  Those silly humans will never replace us cats.  Anyway, enjoy my scrapbook if you have time!  - Enska

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Eeva, don't you have a bigger basket?

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Man did I get bombed on Midsummer Eve!

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That's the last time I go drinking with Eeva.

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Isn't this cell a little small Officer?

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Jari, where's my friggin' bagel!??!

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Eeva.  Can you scratch your head like this?

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