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Top Ten Animations and Shorts of 2002

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I used two criteria for selecting my favorite animation and shorts from 2002.  The first was that to the best of my knowledge the entry was created or premiered in 2002 (or I first saw it in 2000), and second the entry has to available on the web for free.  I tried my best to find spam-free versions.

Also, I think the Roomba robotic vacuum clearer needs to get an honorable mention hear.  Too bad they dropped the cheesy Roomba music and singing.

(10) - The blood sugar lowering streaming video of the John Ashcroft singing.

(09) - The hilarious Star Wars Lego Edition. 

(08) - The silly low tech monkey makes fabulous sorbet in a sack.

(07) - The splendid Neva by Edgar Beals [Flash]

(06) - The amazing Speed Stacking video of Emily Fox.   Don't blink!

(05) - The clever Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels video.

(04) - Lots of Robots and RocketPants by Andy Murdock [QuickTime]. 

(03) - The sublime story of Annie Lou by Valeri Giuliando [Flash].

(02) - Perk is a great story of an unemployed mine goblin by Dusan Kastelic [QuickTime].

(01) - The brilliant Kunstbar by the Petrie Lounge [Flash]
         And Triumph The Insult Comedy Dog - Triumph Vs. Star Wars [QuickTime]

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