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December 2002

12/30/2002 - Check out IWR's Top Ten Animations and Shorts of 2002.

Fly Guy is a very creative and excellent Flash game.  See if you can find the end to the game.

MSNBC has this Flash on The Year in Pictures 2002.

There is a new syndicated Anime Review on TechTV called 'Anime Unleashed'.

12/23/2002  Cool Brick Movies bills itself as the #1 Resource for Animation with Lego Bricks.  You will need DivX codec to view several of the movies.  I really liked the Star Wars Lego Edition. 

Here are three seasonal Flashes to enjoy during the Christmas holidays: high-rise Christmas consumerism, snowcraft and snowball

This is a great Shockwave ping pong game. Also, check out these interesting music games from BBC Radio.  I liked the composer game best.

This Irrational Exuberance or Yatta Flash is very good and even has some social commentary nested in there somewhere.  Please note that there are a few four letter words. (PG)

MashiMaro (Marshmallow) is a silly and creative Korean animation by Kim Jae.  There are seven episodes to consider: (1) Fishing, (2) Picnic, (3) Moon, (4) Melancholy, (5) Present, (6) Action and (7) Bear.

This Terminator 3 trailer is worth checking out.  The scene where Schwarzenegger shoots a bazooka at the alien is unreal.

After Inter-Face loads, move your cursor over the eyes, nose and mouth or just watch this guy slap himself or tweak Saddam Hussein!

12/19/2002 - The San-X Official Site has four weird cutesy Japanese Flash animations.  Chu-pakun is my favorite although TarePanda is good too.  Also, check out some of the characters like Atsugarsan and read the funny English translations.

Answering the big response since introduced in the series of Character Mix, Atsugarsan has come back with larger scale!!  Enjoy its funny and strange world.  It's literary a hot series.

12/17/2002 - Four new Flashes today.  First, there is the surreal black and white Intscher by Nathan Jurevicius, and Second, also from Wired, we have the fascinating Tumbelweeds by Shane Corkery.  Third is the get creative presentation by the New Creative Commons group which explains their important work, and Fourth, we have the creative Shooting Stars Krazy Golf game from the BBC.

12/16/2002  -  Have you tried Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest game yet?  Kind of of like PacMan on drugs. ;-)

What would the Holidays be without a song from Christmas Winking Jeff and His Driving Kittens performing Chris Rea's Driving Home For Christmas.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is exhibiting (12/14/02 - 3/16/03) the work of two French artists entitled "No Ghost Just Shell" based on Annlee, an anime character, they purchased for $400.  Read more in this Wired article.  Update:  I went to this exhibit recently, and I don't recommend it.  There really isn't much to see at all.   Boring!!!!

These are some fantastic QuickTime panoramic pictures. Here are some examples that I liked: Gibraltar, Times Square, Monte Perdido (Spain) and The Gannet Bird Colony.

Great black and white photographs (Flash) from the Depression in the Washington D.C. area.  Here is the accompanying Washington Post article Time Frames.

This is an interesting Flash from the ACLU on Total Information Awareness System. 

The Smoking Gun has this Strom Thurmond Video from 1948.   The Gun also has the platform of the States Rights Democratic Party 1948.

I think this Edison's Research on Beard Removal must have been made when Strom was about 3 years old!

I'm not exactly sure what this Java soda constructor thing is all about but it's worth checking out.

This funny video from Japan gives new meaning to the term crack.

12/09/2002  -  These videos on Optical Camouflage are definitely worth checking out.  (BB)

"This idea is very simple. If you project background image onto the masked object, you can observe the masked object just as if it were virtually transparent." 

Please don't try viewing Recursive in an altered state. ;-)  That also includes this political ad Technical Difficulties.

Here is a rather interesting trailer for the sci-fi thriller Equilibrium.  It looks a little like a Kung Fu version of Fahrenheit 451.

12/02/2002  -  This is kind of weird, but here is a Flash entitled Lego Death: a Museum of Horrors. 

Check out this Flash music "video" We Didn't Start The Fire. The music is of course by Billy Joel, and the great Flash work and image selection is by Ye Li.

Have you seen this great TV Ad Banned in the UK for Poking Fun at Bush?  Here is hilarious MPG 2DTV Ad

Or, have you had a chance to play catch Michael Jackson's Kids!

Have you seen PETA's weird Turkey Ad?  It's pretty ridiculous, but I think it's worth checking out.

This is a pretty strange Flash on a new casino to be opened in Las Vegas: The Moon Resort and Casino.

November 2002

Dick Tracy's Antigravity Machine

11/25/2002  -  Some students at Dearborn High School in Michigan claim to have created an "antigravity machine" or "lifter".  They are not certain what the physics are behind the device, which they build for the 2002-2003 Metro Detroit Science Fair in Detroit.  It could just be a hoax, but these students seem serious enough.   Here is the music video of the students and their flying machine.  Updated on 12/04/2002.

"The students have been working via phone and internet with physicists and inventors all over the world to help them with their project including the Russian physicist Dr. Podkletnov who now lives in Finland, The French Inventor Jean-Louis Naudin, American inventor Russell Anderson, President of Applied Electrogravitics, American Antigravity's Tim Ventura, their teacher Mr. Russ Gibb, Michigan Technology Teacher of the Year 2000, as well as many other people who have been building and working on lifters for years." -- WDHS Video Press Release

Have you seen Apple's new Santa Switch commercials?  Pretty Funny.

If you ever wanted to know the secrets behind good web design, then you might want to check out Strong Bad.

Here is a nice large spam free version of Edgar Beals' The Last Hula Doll.

Also, here is an interesting Flash on P. T. Barnum's Lost Museum.

Finally, could number 5 be the last installment of Naoki Mitsuse's Joe's Story?

11/18/2002  -  Here are two time killing Flash games Radial Pong and Bubbles.

The saga continues with Naoki Mitsuse's Joe's Story 04, and there are several good animations to view on the Flash Award 2002 site, including IWR favorite Kunstbar

Also, check out this weird Kikkoman Soy Sauce Ad Spoof from Japan.

Finally, there is the Cowbell Project based on a Saturday Night Live spoof on songs that need a cowbell, the Cowbell Project is a hoot.  Here is the hilarious SNL cowbell sketch with Blue Oyster Cult, and I liked this version of Uncle Albert too.  You can browse a list of MP3 samples here.

11/11/2002  -  This week I found a strange early film of Edison's Research on the Pull of Gravity from the Annals of Improbable Research. 

Also, check out the Dark Side Switch Campaign and the even funnier Canadian Switch program.  Both parodies are based on Apple's "Switch" commercials. 

Or how about a cool Simpson's Flash Quiz from Rolling Stone or a hilarious Fox Blooper?

Finally, there is this serious Flash on the UN Security Council resolutions on Iraq.

11/04/2002  - Animation Express had this funny black and white QuickTime animation called Noted, which is about a incompetent suicide attempt, by Matthew Baldwin

The silly Kittens are back and have two new Flash numbers: one from the The Vines and Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man by Public Enemy. 

Also, have your seen the evil clown generator, the Pixar Finding Nemo Trailer, the Celebrity Blinking Music Videos or this crazy Japanese Flash, To Heart, yet?

Finally, you have to check out the very cool Infinite Wheel dubs, but don't show them to the kids because they might just drive you crazy!

Here is a weird story on how Peruvian teenagers are supposed to be 'possessed' by Japanese TV cartoon.  The series in question is the popular Dragonball Z series.


Tomobiki, Japan (IWR Satire) - Lum, star of the anime series Urursei Yatsura, was arrested today at Tomobiki High School for assault and battery. Lum is accused of using her super powers to nearly electrocute her fiancé Ataru Moroboshi for kissing a girl named Shinobu.

October 2002

10/28/2002  -   How about a nice Flash of a Rubik's Cube, Tom Lehrer singing the Periodic Table, an Internet Simulator or some bubble wrap therapy?  Also, Sleepless by Chris Keegan is worth checking out and the plot thickens in Naoki Mitsuse's Joe's Story 3.

10/14/2002  to 10/21/2002 -   I love Wallace and Gromit!  On this BBC News link, Wallace and Gromit film premières, you can view the first in the Cracking Contraptions series, Soccamatic.

Check out the Hilarious House of Frightenstein.  It's an old  Canadian late night comedy monster style show.  I wish someone would post those old Ghoulardi shows from the Midwest. 

Also here is another silly Kittens Flash, Independent Woman, by Joel Veitch and music by Elbow

On the educational front, National Geographic has this nice Flash on Secrets of Egypt (Photos, Diagrams).

Last, but not least are the video shorts available from Illegal Art.  My favorite is this Teletubbies version of Bush's State of the Union Speech in 2001 [It's big, 19Mb, and RealAudio worked best].  There several other good videos too.  Check them out!

10/07/2002  -  I didn't find many interesting new animation or short subjects this week, but this Paper Airplane Flight Simulator is pretty cool.  Also, if you still haven't checked out the Speed Stacking video of Emily Fox yet, please do.  Emily is doing her stacking in real-time.  

September 2002

09/30/2002  -  You have to check out this Speed Stacking video of Emily Fox.   Emily is doing the stacking in real time.   It's unreal!  Featured on Wired this week was Ver las Estrellas' impressive To See The Stars [Quicktime] and Teetering by Dave Jones.  Also, here is a ridiculous video of giant wad of Silly Putty being dropped off a parking structure at Sunbelt Software.  Last, but not least, is the silly Viking Kittens by Joel Veitch.

faye.jpg (6453 bytes)
Faye Valentine

Tokyo (IWR Satire) - Actress Faye Valentine, star of the popular Cowboy Bebop anime series, announced today that she is breaking off her two month engagement with Tenchi Muyo.  "Tenchi is nice guy, but he's just too domestic for me.  I mean, I got better things to do than sit around all day long and feed Ryo-ohki carrots", said Ms. Valentine to reporters.

09/23/2002  (IWR Encore) - The world's greatest animator, Hayao Miyazaki, has a new film that is being  released [even as we speak] at various theaters in the USA. Here is the Spirited Away Trailer [QuickTime 5].  Miyazaki's [Studio Ghibli] beautifully detailed backgrounds put Disney's to shame.  The subtitled version is available on DVD.

 spirited_away_poster.jpg (9272 bytes)

Featured on Wired this week was Joe's Story 01, and Harvard has some time lapse movies of the Crab Pulsar Wind.

09/16/2002Lots of Robots and RocketPants are two great shorts by Andy Murdock [Quicktime].  Here is a teaser from Pixar's - For the Birds.  Also from Animation Express, there is Livro (Book), and how about a Flash on the spread of the West Nile Virus.

hitomi_kanzaki.jpg (4718 bytes)
Hitomi Kanzaki

Tokyo (IWR Satire) - Hitomi Kanzaki, star of the Anime movie Escaflowne, will be speaking at the Don't Attack Iraq Demonstration on September 28th in London.

09/09/2002 - Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels is a great short by Extinction Stinks!, Vancouver Indymedia (BB).  Also from Animation Express, is Power of Art (Erotic Rabbit) by Valdimir Denizoff and Mr. Man in The Fool by Steve Whitehouse.

09/02/2002 - Perk is an excellent Hungarian animation of an unemployed mine goblin [Quicktime].   Punk Kittens is a rather silly Flash but worth a quick look.  The Animatrix is a new anime movie to be released in 2003 [QuickTime 5 Trailer]. 

August 2002

08/26/2002 - The world's best animator, Hayao Miyazaki, has a new film that will be released in September in the USA. Here is the Spirited Away Trailer [QuickTime 5].  Miyazaki's [Studio Ghibli] beautifully detailed backgrounds put Disney's to shame.

Also, check out the fascinating He-Man Trailer [Real Player] and Eminem's mildly shocking [obscenities are removed.] "White America!".

For grins, check out this grainy 60's video of Leonard Nimoy in Bilbo Baggins.

Finally, check out this cool Flash from National Geographic on Meerkats.

08/19/2002 - This week we have one funny low tech entry, monkey makes fabulous sorbet in a sack,  and one serious, but excellent Quicktime animation for the band Clann Zu in Five Thousand More.  Finally, we have a fascinating political Flash presentation from OSCON by Lawrence Lessig on <free culture>.

08/12/2002 -  This week we have the National Gallery of Art's multimedia presentation in Quicktime and Real Player on the topic of The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt.  Also, a new Flash from Animation Express, QT and Pasootie in the ME-02 Snatch.  Last, but not least, in our extreme low tech section, we have the hilarious Tales of the Plush Cthulhu.

08/05/2002 - Royksopp is a fascinating Real Audio animation of life in the world of charts and 3D graphics.  Atlas of the Valley of the Kings is a great use of Flash Animation for a virtual tour of Egyptian excavations.  Also, Giant Cow is an early work by IWR's favorite Flash animator, Ed Beals, and Pascal Jehanno's Nurd Episode 8 shows us what life is like inside an Internet Firewall.  Finally, there are these Flash based IQ tests if you want to see how clever you might be.

July 2002

07/29/2002 - Kunstbar is an excellent Flash from the Petrie Lounge about a bar that has special famous artist cocktails.  My favorite was the Bosch "Garden of Earthly Delights" drink.  Kunstbar was recently featured in Wired.  Also worth checking out is a Philadelphia Museum of Art Flash animation of Black Artist, Dox Thrash.  Finally, there is Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black.

07/22/2002 - This week IWR features Edgar Beals', Neva, a finalist in the Flash Film Festival 2002 at San Francisco and The Last Hula Doll.  Also, this week a parody of those new Mac commercials by Ubergeek, F*ck your Macintosh Lifestyle.

07/15/2002 - A new Flash animation game called Pearls Before Swine.

07/08/2002 - Here is a great collaborative Flash animation effort entitled Hey! Neighbor.  It includes IWR's favorite animator Ed Beals, the creator of Plickey and Muto.

07/01/2002 - Here are four excellent Cartoon final entries from the Flash™ Film Festival 2002, New York City, July 10, New Yorker Hotel.   Vote Here.

Weeglot's Christmas Glorp, Sinai, ride the fence and Annie Episode II

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