The majority of the Internet Weekly Report (IWR) non-parody content is published on the weekend, but I add animations, humor and major news stories on a daily basis.  However, the main focus of IWR is the production of original satire.

On the other hand, I do spend a lot of time (probably too much time) on the weekly art and culture section.  I love art, and I get a lot inspiration for my satire from illustrators.

If you have or see an decent art or humor site, please email me the URL please!

If you want to post your own satires, photo cartoons, etc., please use the Internet Weekly forums or send me a URL to your work, please.

I would like to especially thank Mark Karlin of the great blog Buzzflash, Lisa Casey of All Hat and No Cattle, Sam Dent of Bartcop and Dan Kurtzman of Political Humor About for posting my satire on a regular basis.

My Internet Weekly Report News Parodies have either appeared in or referenced by:

  • Dr. Strangeperle
    This parody cartoon or still was created by IWR for the PBS series America at a Crossroads which aired on 4/17/2007.  The opening of this Richard Perle documentary called The Case for War: In Defense of Freedom featured the Doctor Strangelove parody cartoon (#1).  That's all you need to watch unless you want to get cheesed by Perle's BS.  I thought the documentary was going to be more balanced than it was based on their desired use for my parody images. But I have no regrets.  Image (#2) was also created for the series that I updated since I saw the airing of the Perle documentary.  BTW, image #2 really illustrates my real view of Perle.  He really does look like he just walked off the set of "Night of the Living Dead".

#1 #2

Is Perle the Prince of Darkness
or is that Novak?
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War Is Good Food!
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