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IWR Photo Cartoons - Bush and His Flying Monkeys

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IWR Guest Cartoon

Separated at Birth
The Bush Administration and the Wizard of OZ Characters

Guest Cartoon by Phil and Angela Rockstroh.

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 August Top Ten

  1. Bush Takes Responsibility For Loch Ness Monster Claim

  2. Rummy's New Game Show: The Wheel of Farces

  3. Greenspan Blames Krugman For Sluggish Economy

  4. Secret Agent 86 - Dubya Smart

  5. Photo "Proves" Bush Wasn't Lying

  6. Where in the World is Saddam San Diego?

  7. Bush Gets Lost in the White House Hedges

  8. First Annual Moron Summit

  9. Bush Fails Lie Detector Test

  10. George Bush's Recurring Nightmare

  11. Laura Bush Meets Kim Jong Il

  12. Who's on First?

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