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IWR Photo Cartoons - Iraqi "Most Wanted" Playing Cards

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"Most Wanted" Playing
Card Links

GOP Playing Cards

Iraqi most wanted Solitaire

DoD - Personality Identification Playing Cards

DoD Iraqi Playing Cards Briefing Slides

Blair is ace of diamonds on Greenpeace cards

Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards of  Looted Museum Art

uggabugga's GOP Cards

"55 Most Wanted" Playing Card Deck Aims for Regime Change in U.S.

Infinite Jest's Cards

Republican Chickenhawk Cards

U.S. Military Nabs Key Iraqi Conspirator

Washington - "It [Bechtel] has a long history of doing business in Iraq, including an unsuccessful pipeline deal that at one point involved a meeting between Donald H. Rumsfeld, now the secretary of defense, and Saddam Hussein. That project later drew scrutiny from a special prosecutor looking into allegations of impropriety involving Edwin A. Meese III, the former White House counsel and attorney general in the Reagan administration."  See also What Is it Good For?

More GOP Playing Cards

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