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IWR Photo Cartoon

The CDC Issues Bush Fatigue Advisory

ATLANTA, GA (IWR News Parody) - The Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Dr. Julie Gerberding today issued a Bush Fatigue Advisory to Americans. 

"We noticed our first spike in the number of Bush Fatigue cases when Mr. Bush appeared in public last year on the USS Abraham Lincoln wearing that silly flight suit under a sign that proclaimed 'Mission Accomplished'.

Then, this Bush induced plague really started gathering steam when David Kay said there were no WMD in Iraq. 

Finally, these recent 9/11 revelations and the disastrous situation in Iraq have increased the incidence of Bush Fatigue cases to epidemic proportions, which is why I am issuing this special advisory.

We have found that people who are exposed to unnatural doses of Bush imagery, neocon jingoism and subliminal propaganda by watching cable news channels like Fox and CNN have been found to be particularly susceptible to developing this Presidential Pox.

The symptoms of Bush Fatigue include: nausea, despair, migraine headaches, head banging, a sense of moral outrage and yelling obscenities, making faces or flipping the bird at the TV whenever Bush or one of his annoying cronies comes on.

Although there is no known cure, except perhaps if Bush loses the November election or is impeached, persons with Bush Fatigue should avoid cable news shows like the O'Reilly Factor or Wolf Blitzer Reports.  Instead sufferers should take a nice walk in the park, exercise or if you must watch TV, watch Bush-free shows like the 'Antique Roadshow' or 'Yan Can Cook'," said Ms. Gerberding.


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