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Art and Music Links For The Week Of 03/09/2015

Kwon Kyung-yup - WIP (2015)

Kwon Kyung-yup - Spring (2015)

Fuco Ueda Will Be Part Of A Group Exhibit in NYC (Apr 4 May 2, 2015)

Daria Petrilli - Scarlet Ibises

John Singer Sargent - Miss Beatrice Townsend (1882)

Vincent Van Gogh - Orchard In Bloosom (1888)


Rat In The Skull

Federica Bordoni - Website


The beautiful Natalie is both the artist and subject.

Lynn Larrow - Burgess The Bufflehead at the Lafayette Reservoir (3/7/15)


The Prado Museum Creates the First Art Exhibition for the Visually Impaired, Using 3D Printing

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