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Art and Music Links For The Week Of 02/16/2015

Suzuki Harunobu - Bijins and Plum Blossoms (1766-67)

Advertisements from Japanís Golden Age of Art Deco (More images here).

1920 Parasol

Wataboku - Hello Ethiopia

Nguyen Minh Son - Vietnamese Girl With Flowers

Yanjun Cheng via Urban Muse

Christian Schloe - SheLlikes The Night

Alessia Iannetti - Detail of Lux And Beatrix (2014)

Haruki Murakami  - Kino (A short story on the New Yorker)

Haruki Murakami Reads in English from The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle in a Rare Public Reading (1998)

Yasunari Ikenaga

Marevna (Marie Vorobieff) - Unidentified

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