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Art and Music Links For The Week Of 01/19/2015

Album Of Woodblock Prints Of Women And Geishas (Freer And Sackler Gallerys Early 20th Century)

Hirezaki Eiho (1914)

Uemura Shoin

Modest Mouse Release Adorable "Coyotes" Video

Hand-made, hand-painted ukulele by Amy Crehore

Amy Crehore Website

Download The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe on His Birthday

Tran Nguyen - Taste for Bittersweet Beds

Federico Felliniís List of His 10 Favorite Films

#2 Any Marx Brothers or Laurel and Hardy.

Balbusso Twins (Anna and Elena) via La Revolution Surrealiste

Veronica Schanoes

Lynn Larrow - Sandhill Crane At Woodbridge Ecological Reserve

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