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Art and Music Links For The Week Of 01/12/2015

Amy Crehore - Bather's Club (2014)

Excellent new art from Amy Chrehore!

Kitagawa Utamaro - Two Girls Under An Umbrella In A Snowstrom (Painting cropped)

Click the image for more details.

Kubo Shunman - Two Oiran (Courtesan Entertainer)

Kukula - Wild Bitch (2015)

Visit Kepler's Exoplanets (NASA Exoplanet Travel Bureau Posters)

Akira Kurosawa’s List of His 100 Favorite Movies

Nicola L. Robinson

Via Weird Tales

Nom Kinnear King - Merewif's Voyage (2015)

Lisa See - China Dolls (2014)

This is an NPR interview/review with writer Jean Kwok. I put "China Dolls" on my Amazon wishlist.  I'm waiting for the paperback.

Meet the Amateur Street Photographer Taking China by Storm - Tao Liu

Watch an Unearthed Talking Heads Concert From 1980

If you like the Talking Heads like I do, this really is a thing of beauty.  I wish I could have seen this concert.


Goldie Hawn (1968)

Graveyard By Photographer: Nicolas Larriere And Model: Masha Liviesk

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