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Art and Music Links For 07/14/2014

Gerard David - The Rest on the Flight into Egypt (151215)

Gerard David

Suzuki Harunobu - Disguised Immortal (Ca. 1766)

Disguised Immortal

Isoda Koryusai - Women Running in a Storm (1770-1775)


Leonor Fini (Selected Art)

Les Carcans

George Lawrence Bulleid - Iris

Amy Crehore - Tomboy's Memory Of Winter (2014)

Jorge Azevedo

Adina Rafaila via Vicki Dali

Betty Brosmer 

Surreal Photos of Ida Lupino

You May Not Know About The First Chinese Americans, But You Should

Kena Betancur - First "Supermoon" of Summer (2014)

Lynn Larrow - Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly (7/7/14)


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