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Art and Music Links For 03/17/2014

William Glackens - Family Group (1910/1911)
More info on Glackens.

Steve McCurry's Blog

Afghan Girl

Shaun Tan's Picture Books

Rules Of Summer - Never be late for a parade (2013)

Motomichi Nakamura via Barbara Canepa

Motomichi Nakamura, "Men" 2014

Sarah O'Neil via Urban Muse


Fuco Ueda - Haridressing (2014)

Soey Milk - Sinavro (2014)

Kwon Kyung-yup - Reverie (2013)

Banksy's Cover of Monet's - Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies (1899)

Tanya Shatseva - Of My Forrest (Close Up)

Matthew Rolston's Creepy Ventriloquist Dummies

Robert L. Pilsbury (Cut Paper Artist) via Harvard Magazine

Hell's Cauldrons Illustration From The Missal of Raoul du Fou, Normandy ca. 1479-1511

Lynn Larrow - Great Blue Heron Close-Up At Consumes River Preserve

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