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Art and Music Links For 01/20/2014

Kisyo Tsukuda - First Tea Ceremony

Dino Valls - Dies Irae via The Macabre

Tsuchiya Koitsu (1870-1949) - A Winter Day at the Temple Asakusa (1938).

William Bouguereau - Woman With Seashell (1885)
She's beautiful!

Paul Albert Laurens

Salvador Dali Eye Patch

Benjamin Zhang Bin on Pinterest via

Soey Milk - Phosphenes

Darvin Atkeson - Jupiter Rising At The Yosemite Tunnel View
This guy is damn good.  Check out more of his photos here.

Lynn Larrow (aka Ed Weekly) - A Great White Pelican At The Lafayette Reservoir

Gadwall Bonus Photograph

Naked Buddhas Invade China

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