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Art and Music Links For 12/23/2013

Zojoji Temple in Snow, four prints by Kawase Hasui

“Snow at Zojoji Temple, Shiba” (“Shiba (No) Zojo-ji”) (1925)

Balthus - Therese Dreaming (1938)

Anna Mary Robertson 'Grandma' Moses - Joy Ride (1953)

Junichi Nakahara - Postcards of Japanese Maidens Series - Looking at Someone (ca. 1940s)

Ohara Koson - Kingfisher (ca. 1930s)

Miharu Yokota - Merry Christmas

Kozo Tanaka - Thought you Erratic

Nguyen Thi Chau Giang - I am Making My Face Up for Today (2010)
Natural color on silk.

Danni Shinya Luo - Phoenix

Soey Milk - Petrichor (2013)

Stereolab - Vonal Declosion (2004)


Joni Mitchell - River (1971)


XTC - Thanks For Christmas (1983)


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