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Art and Music Links For 12/16/2013

Kafu - Two Girls By The Sea (c. mid-1920s)
This gorgeous painting on silk is by an artist who signed only as Kafu.  Unfortunately, no more information seems to be available on this artist.

Takahashi Hiroshi - Playing with a cat (1930)
I love this one too!!!

Uemura Shoen - Preparing to dance (1914)
She was such a great artist.

Paul Klee - Fairy Tales (ca. 1920)

Virginia Mori - In The Cradle (2013)

Satomi Kuwahara - New Artwork (2013)

Xue Wang via Lowbrows & popsurrealists

Womb Service (2013)

Ilaria Del Monte - Notturno di Grieg

Daria Petrilliís Digital Illustrations of Serenity and Nature (Facebook Page)

Christian Schloe - Drowned Moon

Judy Garland - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (1944)


Brian Eno - China My China (1974) via Dangerous Minds


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