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Art and Music Links For 12/02/2013

Vincent van Gogh - Oleanders (1888)

Henri Matisse - The Black Table

Tsuguharu Foujita painting - Woman and Cat (1937).
I love this one!  More information on Foujita.

Egene Koo
More images here.

Never-ending Childhood

Moira Khan - Choir (2013)

Glenn Authur - Falling In Love With Mortality

DAlexander - The Castle (website)

Cuson via Urban Muse

Unknown Artist via Miharu Yokota

Miharu Yokota - Sound of Spring Waves
Signed prints available here.

Nicolas Nemiri - Untitled

SNNN via Urban Muse

The Plague Doctors
More information.  More images.

Jeroen Diepenmaat - Bird And Vinyl

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