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Art and Music Links For 11/18/2013

Gustav Klimt - Farm Garden With Sunflowers (ca. 1907)

Uzaki Sumikazu - Darkening Sky

Ye Hongxing

Zeynep Kanra - Turkish Girls

Joe De Mers - December Sawdust to Stardust via Akubi Zone

Mimi Yoon's Powerpuff Girls Cover (Website)

Benjamin Lacombe - Madame Butterfly #3

Audrey Hepburn Leaning On A Tree

Japanese Girl In A Kimono

Peter Brannon - Baby Owl Learning To Fly (website)

Relax Spot.  It's Just An Atom Bomb

Bjork at 12

Bjork Explains How TV Works via The Atlantic


Lily Allen - Hard Out Here (Official Video 2013)


Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969)

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