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Art and Music Links For 11/04/2013

Balthus - Therese (1938)
I'd love to see this exhibition at the MET!

Danny Malboeuf via Paper Images

The Virgin Mary Of Frydek

The Air Is Full Of Cologne

And The Living Go To Bed With The Dead (2013)

Discovery of Nazi-plundered art offers glimpse 'into a dark story'

Henri Matisse - Reading Girl In White And Yellow (1919)

Vincent van Gogh - Green Wheat Fields (1890)

Paul Gauguin - Delicious Days (Nave Nave Mahana) (1896)

Kiyoshi Nakajima

Words of the Wind (1980s)

The other side of the wind (1982)

Robert Leighton's Escher Cartoon

Roberto Moiola - The Symbol of South Tyrol, Italy (October 23, 2013)
Click the photo or link to get a higher resolution image of the landscape of the week!

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