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Art and Music Links For 10/28/2013

George Gross Pulp Artist via Trixie Treats

Sophie Anderson - Song Of The Lark (1903)

Designs By Verner Panton

A Geisha Makes Some Music For Her Maiko Sisters

Banksy Coney Island (10/28/13)

Beat Poetry, Broadsides, and Little Magazines

Igor Zenin - Black Cat
More Igor Zenin photos.

Spider Women (1920s)

Herk Harvey in Carnival Of Souls
Carnival of Souls is one of my favorite horror movies that I like to watch on Halloween.

Epic Halloween Prank by Tom Mabe


Monarch Caterpillar on South African Milkweed at Coyote Hills Regional Park, CA
These are three of the pictures that I took last Thursday (10-24-13) at Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, CA.

Great Egret On A Log At Coyote Hills Regional Park, CA

Avocets At Coyote Hills Regional Park, CA

Guitar Toilet Seat
I don't know if it's worth $200 though.  Great gag gift!

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