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Art and Music Links For 10/14/2013

Alfred E. Neumann Inspiration - Me Worry? (circa 1910 Postcard)
There are few more AEN images here.

Gerda Wegener - La belle Aux Bas Et Escarpins Rouge (1922)

Charles Maurin - A Girl With Her Guardian Angle

Serge Solomko - Apraxia Korolevichna
There are a more images here.

Christian Schloe - Black Cat (2013)

Sarah Joncas - Cocktail Hour (2013)

Benjamin Lacombe - Madame Butterfly In A Drawer

Brides Throwing Cats

Banksy's - Sirens Of The Lambs
Also, See Chicago man unwittingly buys $127,752 worth of authentic Banksy works from street vendor.


Gerry Mulligan Quartet at Newport - As Catch Can (Live 1958)
This is from the movie "Jazz On A Summer's Day".


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