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Art and Music Links For 07/08/2013

Tamara de Lempicka - Les deux amies (1930)
Here's some of her paintings and links that I blogged back in 2007.

Edward Hopper - Portrait of Orleans (1950)
This painting by my favorite American artist is currently on view at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Korean Fan With Cranes and Lotuses (17th Century)

Dmitry Provotorov - Walk (2009)
I love this photograph, very whimsical.  I wish I could have found out more about this artist, e.g., like his website!

Akino Kondoh - KiyaKiya Animation Exhibition (Website)

Bukowski In A Graveyard

Shizuka Kanno - Girl Thing

Yuji Moriguchi - Summer Sky

Monica Bellucci by Gerard Rancinan

Amazing Video Of Bat Takeoff


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