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Art and Music Links For 06/17/2013

Maxfield Parrish - The Lantern Bearers (1910 Published)

Suzuki Harunobu - Woman Visiting the Shrine in the Night (Edo period, 18th century)
This is a gorgeous high resolution image (Google Art Project) of one of my favorite Ukiyo-e artists - Suzuki Harunobu.  I don't know how the women of the Edo period could on those wooden shoes at least not very far.

Fuco Ueda - Chrysanthemum Exhibit

Audrey Kawasaki - Untitled

Kwon Kyungyup - Elegy (2013)

Virginia Mori - Chairs (2013)

Banksy - How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Ok Kim - Summer Moon Night (2013)

Felipe Bedoya - Frida Kahlo

Laura Zombie - Society And The Unicorn

Kevin Woods - Central Park

Cat Connor - Tenaya Lake (Yosemite)

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