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Art and Music Links For 04/01/2013

George Frederic Watts - Hope

Kiyoshi Mino
Kiyoshi is a two time vet from Afghanistan, who became an artist after his experience there.  He creates his wonderful artwork using felt and needle work.

Heron Made From Felt

New Artwork From Shiori Matsumoto (Website)
I love her work!

Eric Joyner via Lowbrows & popsurrealists
These are fun.

Ultraman (2011)

Village Cigars

John Anster Fitzgerald
He was a Victorian fairy painter.  According to Wikipedia, his work has been compared to the surreal nightmare-scapes of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Brueghel.

In the Land of the Fairies

New Artwork From Ray Ceaser

Fallen (2013?)

Exploratorium - Optical Iillusions Exhibit

Mona Lisas look OK Upside-Down

But the same image of Mona Lisas Right Side Up...

Vladimir Kutchinski - Girl at the Window
More Photos.

HH (2007)

Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror, M C Escher (1935)

Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror, 1935, lithograph.

Audrey Hepburn

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