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Art and Music Links For 03/25/2013

Yumeji Takehisa - April Fool (?) (1927)
I love everything Yumeji does.  This is from a Japanese magazine cover, but I can't read Japanese unfortunately.

Vampire (Vampyr) Vacuum Cleaner Ad (1924)
This is a stunning art deco German vacuum cleaner ad from 1924.

Claude Monet - La Japonaise (Camille Monet in Japanese Costume) (1876)
I was reminded of this great painting by a recent article on its conservation from MFA.

New Artwork From Mia Araujo


Mark Elliott (Website)
I wonder what Froggy is saying to her?

New Artwork From Soey Milk
She's damn good!


New Artwork From Virginia Mori
I love her surreal drawings.

Mu Pan  (Website)
More frogs and excellent surreal artwork.

1000 Years


Merman and Mermaid

Sunrise Over The Clouds

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