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Art and Music Links For 03/18/2013

Ai Shinohara on Tumblr
Try as I might, I could find Ai's website.  The URL I used when I blogged her before is no longer valid.

From The Cradle To The Grave (2011)

Swinging Dream (2007)

Steve McCurry - Geisha in a Subway (2007)  (Website)

Alexander Cabanel
I had not see this painting by Cabanel before.


Tateishi Harumi's 1934 'Clover'

Clover (1934)

New Artwork From Georgina Ciotti


New Artwork From Virginia Mori

nice to meet you

New From Natalie Shau

Io Irie


Alex Trofimov - Siberia Turquoise Ice

Shards of Turquoise Ice Jut Out of the Lake Baikal, Siberia

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