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Art and Music Links For 02/04/2013

Kirin Beer Ad (1915)
When I was Japan, Kirin is the beer I usually drank.  It's taste better over there than it does here.

Sakurama Samune sake ad (1915)

Soey Milk  FB Page
Her paintings and drawings are excellent.



Marie Spartali Stillman - The Witch Of Spring
Marie Spartali Stillman is one of my favorite painters of all time.

Bao Pham Blogspot

Katsumi (2007)

Fei Fei Sun on Tumblr

Beautiful Bettie Page

Krishna Mahaputra - Bali Landscape

The Watchers By Ian Plant
"The perfect arrangement of egrets, and the relative stillness of their reflection, only lasted for a fleeting moment."

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