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Art and Music Links For 10/15/2012

Toru Nogawa

Shake Loose Ito


David Zinn

New Artwork From Shiori Matsumoto

Release (2012)

Sun Rising over Sandy beach, Oahu hawaii by Clark Little Photography

New Art From Nom Kinnear King

Orchard of Thorns (2012)

Karl Schweninger via Occhio Fantastico

Morgenstern (1903)

Ivan Aivazovsky
"Aivazovsky is widely considered as one of the greatest seascape painters of all times."  He was an Armenian (Russian) painter who lived from (July 29, 1817 ľ May 5, 1900).  Here's a link to his seascape paintings on Wikipedia Commons.

The Ninth Wave (1850)

50 Beautiful Pieces Of Concept Art From Classic Disney Movies

Snow White

Sabine Reyer
"The second Ruhr Biennale will host the exhibition (below) from October 7 until December 12."

Sheltered Position

The Holy and Undivided Trinity of Castle Rising, Norfolk, England having tea. (Pre-1940s)

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