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Art and Music Links For 07/23/2012

Clovis Trouille
More information on Trouille from Wikipedia.

Religieuse italienne fumant la cigarette (1944)

Birge Harrison
The Fifth Avenue at Twilight currently resides at the Detroit Institute of the Arts.

Fifth Avenue at Twilight (c 1910) Here's a larger image from The Athenaeum.

John William Waterhouse's - Lady of Shalott (1888)
Great scan/photo of a great painting.

Lady of Shalott (1888)

Kil Dren via Ok Kim

Pipi (2012)

Cunde Wang

The Xiao-Flute (2002)

New Art From Yasunari Ikenaga

Untitled (2012)

Grassroots Feminist Political Posters in India

Every girl has the right to go to school

The Night Riders

Baby Saw-Whet Owl by Alex Thomson
And last, but not least!

Stevie Wonder - My Cherry Amour (1969)

Stevie Wonder

Chaka Khan and Rufus - Tell me something Good (1974)

Chaka Khan

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Cha Cha (2009)

Malatu Astatke

Beach House - On the Sea (2012)

Beach House

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