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Art and Music Links For 07/09/2012

Roy Lichtenstein - A Retrospective

Ohhhh... Alright... (1964)


West Lake (2005)

The Robe Ceremony (2005)

Mariel Clayton (FB)

Barbie Eats Ken

Street Art Lick

Louise Brook's Bradley Knitwear Ad

Lost Among The Stars by Lijah Hanley

Ole' men of the Lake by Nagesh Mahadev

Reagan on a Velociraptor
'"Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor," by *SharpWriter on DeviantArt.'

Paintings That Reach Out and Grab You
"An exhibition of 3-D paintings opened for a month long run in Hangzhou, China."

Drew Friedman's - We're All Ernest Borgnines!
RIP.  He was great in the film Marty.

Zuma - Night of The Sadist


Laurel Halo - Light + Space via SFBG

Laurel Halo

Zammuto - Groan Man, Don't Cry via SFBG


Field Music - Who'll Pay The Bills? via SFBG

Field Music

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