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Art and Music Links For 06/25/2012

Brigette Bardot At Cannes (1953)

Kwon Kyung-yup via Alexandra Mazzanti Baldi

Beautiful Monster (2011)

New Artwork From Amy Crehore (Website)
This painting is part of show in Anaheim to support the Big Life Foundation.  Click on the painting to get more details.

Blue Mirror (2012) 

New Artwork By Mimi Yoon (2012) (Website)

chin goo 1 (catwoman figure 2012)

New Artwork From Ok Kim (Website)

The Rooster (2012)

Jimi Hendrix in the Army (1961-1962)

Jimi Hendrix

New Artwork From Amy Sol (Website)
"Something new from Amy Sol for the Sea No Evil fundraiser this year - her vision of how Ponyo would look when she grew up."

Ponyo (2012)

Tiled Steps Project on 16th Avenue in San Francisco
I need to go check this out.

Tiled Steps on 16th Avenue in San Francisco

Mircea Suciu

Mircea Suciu

Luke Perrot - Milky Way Over Piton de l'Eau

Luc Perrot (NASA image of the day today)

Howlin' Wolf - How Many More Years (1959 Studio version)

Howlin Wolf with Hubert Sumlin

Tim Buckley - Phantasmagoria In Two (1967)

Tim Buckley

If a fiddler played you a song, my love
And if I gave you a wheel
Would you spin for my heart and loneliness
Would you spin for my love
If I gave up all of my pride for you
And only loved you for now
Would you hide my fears and never say
Tomorrow I must go
Everywhere there's rain my love
Everywhere there's fear
If you tell me a lie I'll cry for you
Tell me of sin and I'll laugh
If you tell me of all the pain you've had
I'll never smile again
Everywhere there's rain my love
Everywhere there's fear
I can plainly see that our parts have changed
Our sands are shifting around
Need I beg to you for one more day
To find our lonely love
Everywhere there's rain my love
Everywhere there's fear

Neville Brothers - Yellow Moon (2004 Studio Version)

Neville Brothers

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