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Art and Music Links For 05/28/2012

Golden Gate Bridge at 75
This is a photo I took yesterday (5-27-2012).

Golden Gate and the Nimitz

Kill Pretty by Yuki Miyazaki (Website)

Kill Pretty (2012)

Takaramono by Mari Inukai (Website)

Takaramono (2011)

Untitled by Unknown Artist

Untitled by Unknown Artist

Photos of Kento

Untitled by Unknown Artist

Dinosaurs Attack! Trading Cards (1988)

Dinosaurs Attack Series (1988)

LA Public Library Movie Posters

Gilda Gray in Cabaret (1927)

Stormy Weather

Pinwheel Galaxy

Pinwheeel Galaxy

Marion Harris - It Had To Be You (1924)

Marion Harris 

The Doors - Soul Kitchen (1967)


Destroy all Monsters - Bored (1978)

Destroy All Monsters

Danielle Dax - Yummer Yummer Man (1987)

Danielle Dax

Jackson Browne - These Days (2002 Live)

Jackson Browne


Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice


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