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Art and Music Links For 05/21/2012

Here's a picture I took of Bridal Falls last week in Yosemite.

Bridal Falls (5-16-2012) Click the photo to see the full size

Paul Ranson - Three Bathers among the Irises (1890)

Three Bathers among the Irises (1890)

Adolf Pirsch - Portrait of a young girl with her dog by the sea

Portrait of a young girl with her dog by the sea (1920s most likely)

New Artwork From Sarah Joncas

Metamorphosis (2012)

Hugo Simberg

Wounded Angel

Garden Of Death (1896)

We Wanted Beer
Slideshow of photos from pro beer demonstrations and prohibition.

Anti-Prohibition parade and demonstration in Newark, New Jersey, on October 28, 1932.

Greg Hildebrandt

Tai Wun On

Takato Yamamoto
It's been a while since I have posted any images by this great artist.  These are all newer images I believe or at least I remember seeing these before.

Jace Wallace via AnormalMag

Mujeres de fantasía

Mari Inukai


Geisha's Bowling via Akubi's Meltdown
I love this photograph!

Billie Holiday - These Foolish Things (1936)
This lyrics for the song were written by Eric Maschwitz and were based on his longing for his girlfriend Anna May Wong.

Billie Holiday

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