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Mitt Romney Cartoons

Inspiration: Ann Romney: We'll have to "unzip" the real Mitt

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Invasion Of The Broccoli Snatchers 4/2

The Antimitter 3/28

Mitt's Not In Kansas Anymore 3/26

The GOP's Toy Boy 2/21

GOP Women Haters Magazine 3/19

The GOP's Timothy Leary 3/12

Count Mittcula 3/7

Romney To Use "Jocko Homo" As Campaign Theme 3/5

We're All Douchebags Now! 3/3

Robo Romney 3/1

Romney Baptizes His Opponents 2/25

The Pope Of Pennsylvania 2/21

Man On Elephant 2/15

Romney's Information Minister 2/14

Romney Channels Nixon 2/6

The Long March To Moon Base Gingrich 2/6

Norquist Jumps The Shark 1/30

Gingrich Promises A Tribble In Every Pot! 1/26

Assange To Play Mr. Humphries 1/26

King Newtie VIII 1/23

Gilligan's Tax Dodge Island 1/18

The Holy Hand Grenade Of Mormon 1/17

The Vulture Capitalist 1/16

Romney Plan Would Give Bigots Tax Cuts 1/9

Karma Chameleon Cover By Boy Mitt 1/4

Separated At Birth 1/3

Doctors To Remove Bird’s Nest From Kim Jong-un's Head 12/30

The GOP's B Team 12/26

Ayn Rand Christmas Cards 12/19

I Married A Flaming Asshole From Outer Space 12/13

David Lynch To Host GOP Debate 12/08

Pope Donald The Ridiculous 12/05

King Plutorat 11/30

Benedict Norquist 11/22

The Mr. Whipple Of Washington 11/21

Boehner Cries At Congressional "Year Of Inertia" Ceremony 11/18

The GOP's Last Chicken In The Shop 11/14

Humpty Dumpty Cain 11/7

Cantor: Calling All GOP Lemmings 10/31

Romney Unveils His Pyramid Plan For America 10/24

Cain Hires New Chief Campaign Advisor 10/24

Limbaugh Joins Lord’s Resistance Army 10/19

Marcus Bachmann To Be On Dancing With The Stars 10/17

The Pizza Beast 10/12

Romney To Star In Flipper 2012 10/10

Tea Party Queen Says They Don’t Look Like Us! 10/7

Captain Beckaroo 10/3

Perry Plan Would Make Mexico 51st State 10/3

Paul Calls Killing The "Underwear-bomb maker" A Blow To Anarchism 10/3

Perry Plan Would Make Mexico 51st State 10/3

Boehner's Legacy 9/27

Say Goodnight, Rick! 9/26

PerryKari 9/20

Tea Party Holds Crucifixion Reenactment 9/19

Perry Gets New Brain 9/15

Three Card Perry 9/12

Elmer Perry 9/7

Tales From The Dick 9/2

The Hate Group Poster Girl Of 2012 9/1

The Tea Party Chainsaw Massacre 8/29

Lord Of The Kooks 8/24

Texas - It's Like A Whole Other Third World Country! 8/22

Bat Girl Meets Elvis! 8/17

Sweatshops Are People Too! 8/15

The Compassionless Conservative Ten Commandments 8/8

The Tea Party Taliban 8/5

Muslims From Outer Space 8/3

Boehner Uses AFLAC Duck Video To Rouse GOP Troops 7/28

Bat Girl's Recurring Nightmare 7/27

Bachmann Cancels Choot-Spa Membership 7/26

Flo Wins Iowa Straw Poll 7/25

Perry Get’s Call From On High 7/18

Mr. Haney Reveals Secret Debt Ceiling Plan 7/12

Bat Girl Takes Iowa Joy Ride! 7/11

Kelloog's Corny Flakes 7/8

The Legend Of Smallfoot 7/4

Shanghai Michele 7/1

Flake N' Bake 6/27

Fareed Zakaria To Play Fonzie In Bollywood Movie 6/25

Dalek Supreme Wins GOP Iowa Debate 6/25

I Was A Teenage Bimbostein 6/23

Obama Learns Boehner's Secret 6/18

Romney's Shit-Eating Grin 6/16

Boehner Bill Would Make July 18th National Crybaby’s Day 6/15

Cantor Is Runner Up In House Planking Competition 6/14

Internet Planking Photos Said To Be Last Straw For Weiner 6/13

GOP Female Trouble 6/10

Ryan Caught In Medisnare 6/10

Apple Announces The iClod Clothing Line 6/6

RomneyScare 6/3

The Secessionist Candidate 6/2

Gingrich's 10 Honeymoons 6/1

Palin: “I Love The Smell Of Farts!” 5/31

Laura Bush to be New Chiquita Banana Spokesperson 5/24

The Adventures Of The Reverse Robin Hood 5/23

Zombie Osama Turns Up In South Carolina 5/19

Son Of Romneycula 5/17

Beware Of The Koch Heads 5/13

Florida To Torture The Unemployed 5/11

Osama Bin Laden In Hell 5/9

Bush On Osama's Death 5/3

Bachmann To Host Horror Movies On Fox News 4/26

Ayn Rand's - Atlas Barked 4/22

The Curse Of Count Trumpula 4/18

Alfred E. Ryan 4/11

Paul Ryan's Recycling Center 4/11

The Lizard Of Oz 4/7

The Sharif Of Nottingham 4/6

Love, Gingrich Style 3/26

GOP To Hold Red Herring Fish Fry Fundraisers 3/20

Man On Camel 3/12

Peter King's Sock Puppet Show 3/10

Obama To Send Limbaugh On Fact Finding Mission To Gitmo 3/9

Palin's Mission In India 3/7

The Limbaugh Diet 3/3

Billo's Perverted Mind 2/28

The Moran Slayer 2/21

The Year Of The Wabbit 2/19

What The Zuck? 2/18

Osama bin Gaffney 2/14

Ronald Reagan Ayatollah Key Cake 2/5

The War On Arithmetic 1/18

Gomer Huck 1/14

Skunk Women Of The GOP 1/10

Casino Jack Boehner 1/8

The Boehnerviks 01/03

The GOP Contract With Corporate America 01/03

Don't Tread On My Social Security 12/31

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