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Art and Music Links For 03/12/2012

New artwork from Amy Crehore (Website)

Basker's Cove (2012)

New artwork from Yuji Moriguchi (Website)

Rain Woman (2012)

New artwork from Nom Kinnear King (Website)

Carry me under (2012)

New artwork form Ok Kim (Website)

Ken Keirns

Tire Swing (2011)

Rudy Nappi
How come I never see babes like this on the street?

She Tried To Be Good

Mermaid - Neat Trick

The Eternal Goddess - Betty Page
She's such a great timeless beauty.

Billie Holiday - You Go To My Head

Billie Holiday

Art Pepper Quartet (1956)

John Lee Hooker - Hoogie Boogie (1949)

John Lee Hooker

Phil Phillips - Sea Of Love (1959)

Phil Phillips

Bill Evans - My Foolish Heart

Bill Evans

Koko Taylor - Voodoo Woman

Koko Taylor

Nervous Breakdown - Black Flag via Cat Power

Black Flag

Vashti Bunyan - Rose Hip November

Rose Hip November

De Capo - Seven & Seven Is via Cat Power

De Capo

Eric Clapton - Double Trouble (live)

Eric Clapton

Cat Power - Crying, Waiting, Hoping

Cat Power

The Shins - Simple Song

The Shins

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