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Art and Music Links For 02/06/2012

Uzaki Sumikazu
I love these drawings - so simple, yet so beautiful! To see the fuller images, click enlarge.

Lady Waiting for the Moon

From Hamadera (Hamadera yori)

The photo-realistic paintings of Jessica Hess (website)

Jessica Hess

Juana Inés de la Cruz
"Juana Inés de la Cruz (12 November 1651 – 17 April 1695), full name Juana Inés de Asbaje y Ramírez de Santillana, was a self-taught scholar and poet of the Baroque school, and nun of New Spain. Although she lived in a colonial era when Mexico was part of the Spanish Empire, she is considered today a Mexican writer, and stands at the beginning of the history of Mexican literature in the Spanish language."

Jacques-Louis David (1748–1825) - Portrait de Jeune Fille

Portrait de Jeune Fille

Ivan Alifan (website)
This painting has a lot going for it, e.g., wonderful subject matter, colors, hues.

Modern Dorothy

Lisa Falzon via Trixietreats

My Funeral Pyre

New artwork from Sho Murase (website)

#6 Psylocke

Yayoi Kusama at the Tate

Yayoi Kusama sitting in front of her artwork

Albert Weisgerber - Nineteen Hundred and Grimm

Illustration From Nineteen Hundred and Grimm

Sarah Joncas' Kitty Kat (website)

Sarah Joncas' Kitty Kat

Preston Epps - Bongo Rock

Preston Epps

Vashti Bunyan - I Want To Be Alone (Live)

Vashti Bunyan

Vashti Bunyan (Record)

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood (1967) - Some Velvet Morning

Nancy Sinatra

Eric Clapton - After Midnight

Eric Clapton

Tito Puente - Ran Kan Kan

Tito Puente

Wah Wah Watson - Bubbles

Wah Wah Watson

Lydia Lunch - Atomic Bongos

Lydia Lunch

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