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Art and Music Links For 12/19/2011

Shiori Matsumoto
New artwork from Shiori Matsumoto.  Shining River would look great in my living room!

Shining River (2011)

Fuco Ueda
The latest and greatest from Fuco.

Untitled (2011)

Remedios Varo via Little Hokum Rag
There is going to be exhibit of her artwork starting in January 2012 at the Frey Norris Gallery in San Francisco.

Sea Maiden (1958)

Yumiko Kayukawa
New artwork from Sweet Yumiko.

Cry Baby (2011)

Loreto Contreras via Anormal Magazine


Jun Kumaori
"Found artwork attributed to Jun Kumaori.  It's nice in any case.

Merry Christmas

Sarah McLachlan - Adia

Sarah McLachlan

Bossa Nova Ville (Ultra Lounge) - One Note Samba

Bossa Nova Ville 

Parov Stelar - The Mojo Radio Gang

Parov Stelar

Nicola Conte - Like Leaves In The Wind

Nicola Conte

Guided By Voices - Hold on Hope

Guided By Voices

The Decemberists - June Hymn

The Decemberists

Eric Idle - Fuck Christmas  (+lyrics)

Eric Idle

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