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Art and Music Links For 11/21/2011

Dan-Ah Kim

Stars Under My Control (2009)

Come Violent Night (2011)

New Artwork from Mimi Yoon

Untitled (2011)

New from Yuji Moriguchi

Moon (2011)

Ketut Kusuma

Bunny Girl

New Artwork From Kathy Hare

Silent Sea (2011)


United Taste of Miracle No.1

Little Christmas Prints 2011 /HANGA from JAPAN

Ryouji Suzuki 13x10cm lithograph (2011)

Pepper Spraying Cop

Hopper Pepper

Joni Mitchell - Chelsea Morning (1969)

Joni Mitchell

Gang of Four - Damaged Goods (Damaged Goods EP)

Gang of Four

Fugazi - Waiting Room


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