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Art and Music Links For 11/14/2011

Fuco Ueda
This is yet another wonderful painting by one of my favorite artists - Fuco Ueda.

Tiger 2 (2010)

Natalie Shau
This is yet another amazing work of art Natalie Shau.  What a rare beauty!

Amazing Photo by Natalie Shau

Native Voices - Native Peoples' Concept of Health and Illness
I love the artwork below.  I'd kill for the rug below. ;-)

Choctaw Sick Dance

Storm Pattern Rug

Yuriy Ratush via Mimi Yoon
This guy is damn good.

Mimi Yoon

New Art From Sarah Joncas
I think this is the third or fourth time I've posted Sarah's fasinating artwork.

The Crow Charmer (2011)

Naked Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Japanese Journal Photo (1951)

Castri World magazine (1950) Note: My fantasy! :D

Claude Monet (18401926)
Simply wonderful.

Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies (1899)

Water Lilies (1899)

Artist Bloc Day of Politics, Action, and Art
I think I might check this out on Sunday.

Artist Bloc Day in San Francisco

Tattoos By Laura Santana
If you are going to go through the pain and suffering for a tattoo, this is place to go.

Virgin Mary Tattoo

Leadbelly - Midnight Special (1940)


Brian Eno - Third Uncle (1974)

Brian Eno

The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner via

Modern Lovers.

Spin Doctors - Little Miss Can't Be Wrong

Spin Doctors

Counting Crows - Mr. Jones

Counting Crows

"Mitt Romney" A BLR Soundbite


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