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Art and Music Links For 10/31/2011

Yuji Moriguchi
These are new images since I last blogged this talented artist.  I was reminded of his work by a post on Facebook by Fuco Ueda.

Forest of Spores (2010)

Octopus Mandela - Eight Maidens (2010)

Historic BDSM Art
These are kind of naughty, but not that naughty. You be the judge.

Spanking by Georges Topfer (1922)

The Gilded Cage by George Hare

Aleksandra Mir
These are fairly mind bending. 

Dream Project (2009)

Kim Ok
I like these.

Forbidden Games

Fallen Angel

Robert Petway - Catfish Blues (1941)
This is the original version of the song covered by Muddy Waters. According to Wikipedia, "He is said to have been an influence on many notable blues and rock musicians, including John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix.".

Robert Petway

Sarah Vaughan - Black Coffee (1949)
I love Sassy. :)

Sarah Vaughan

Julie London - Gone With The Wind (1955)
I love this version of the song by Julie London.  I heard the song as part of the soundtrack on the Notorious Betty Page.

Julie London

Jody Miller - Queen Of The House
Funny and surreal Scopitone. 

Jody Miller

Redbone - Come And Get Your Love (1974 Live) HD
Great song.


Blancmange - Blind Vision 12"
The used to play this song in the Detroit area on a new music station, but I never got the name of the band until just the other day.  Excellent song.


Chad Vangaalen - Molten Light (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Chad Vangaalen

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