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Art and Music Links For 10/03/2011

Inro's at the Boston MFA
These traditional Japanese inro cases are beautiful works of art.  There are over 500 inro at the MFA. Inro are what the Japanese used to use instead of pockets.  They are actually several wood boxes latched together with rope or twine and then hung from an obi or sash belt.

Four-case inro with insect design (mid-late 18th century)

Four-case inro with crane and bamboo design (Early 19th century)

Felix Labisse's Flickr photostream
This is a great set of the French painter's artwork.

1946 'L'Entree en matiere'

1968 'le 14 juillet a pointe-a-pitre'

1968 'Hommage a monsieur Ingres (le bain turquiose)'

Women's Weekly Magazine (1967)

Women's Weekly (1967)

When a Woman Sins (1918, USA) Poster
Theda Bara was quiet a hottie in the early 20th century.  Her nickname was "Vamp" short for vampire.

When A Woman Sins (1918)

Duke Ellington - Rug Cutter (1937)

Duke Ellington

Alvin Cash & The Crawlers - Twine Time (1963)

Alvin Cash & The Crawlers

The Temper Trap - Science of Fear

The Temper Trap

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