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Art and Music Links For 09/13/2011

Utamaro's - Fisherwomen on the seashore
This is from a triptych of the same name created around 1806.  It's my favorite of the three panels.

Fisherwomen on the seashore (Reproduction 1912)

Alexander Deineka
I love the girl with a book below.  Great colors/tints/palette.

Portrait of a Girl with a Book. 1934.

At the Seashore. Fisherwomen. 1956.

Sophia Gasparian
I like these

Girl With Jesus Balloon

Fallen Angel (2006)

Rin Nadeshico - New Prints Available
These are new prints for sale.  This is Rin's website.

No.9 Winter Daphne (2011)

Japanese Showa Actresses (Untranslated) via Rin Nadeshico

Hideko Takamine

Mort Kunstler Saga Magazine (November 1954) via Men's Pulp Magazines

Howlin Wolf - Spoonful

Howlin' Wolf

Al Green - Lets Stay Together

Al Green

Vampire Weekend - Horchata

Vampire Weekend

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