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Art and Music Links For 09/05/2011

Fuco Ueda
This latest painting from Fuco Ueda is fantastic!

Dream Whereabouts (2011)


Yumiko Kayukawa
New artwork from Sweet Yumiko.

Rock You in a Tatami Room (2011)

Yasunari Ikenaga
New artwork also from Yasunari Ikenaga

Emiko (2010)
Linen canvas/Japanese pigment/Japanese glue/China ink/Pure gold paint

Asian American Portraits Encounter via Scout Report

Tam Tran - Strip Tease

Satomi Shirai
Satomi was also in the exhibition above.  Great stuff!

Bath Scale

Cherry Blossoms

Mona Superhero via Everlasting Blort


Barbara Canepa
This is just a wonderful illustration.  I love it.

Grand Teton National Park- Official Page

Grand Teton National Park

Pedro Sanz via Anormal Magazine

Óleo sobre lienzo

Andrea Barja's Photostream via Anormal Magazine



Bessie Smith - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (1929)


Billie Holiday - One for my Baby (and one more for the road)


Mississippi John Hurt - Stackolee

Mississippi John Hurt

Jimi Hendrix Experience - If 6 Was 9

Jimi Hendrix

Lisa Hannigan - I Don't Know

Lisa Hannigan

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